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Day-O-Plantation, Montego Bay, Jamaica, August 6, 2016. The Wedding of Kamarie & Shayn.

Kamarie and Shayn are both living in Texas in the United States of America but decided to tie the knot in Jamaica the land of their birth on the day that our country is celebrating 54 years of independence, at the DAY-O-PLANTATION in Montego Bay Jamaica the very city in which they grew, WOW! how patriotic. The day was a bit hectic and wet, after we finish shooting the dressing by now it begin to rain and for a garden wedding that is just not a good thing well maybe for the plants in the garden, but certainly not for over 100 guest that is waiting for the grand entrance of the bride. The rain finally subsided, so we are off to late start, with what left of the sun disappearing rapidly with every ticking of the clock.

The bridal party make their entrance, then their was a hush of silence as the Bride made her grand entrance, seen for the first time by the groom as the helm of her elegant dress sweeps the wet grass of the garden floor as she is escorted down the aisle by the give-away father.

A stand out moment for me was after the ceremony, getting ready for the photo session we thought that was it for the rain but we thought wrong, we had to suddenly grab an umbrella from the security guard of the Day-O-Plantation for  the bride and groom to shelter and yes you guess correct, that was a moment that had to be captured. Despite of the rain it was a great day well spent with Kamarie and Shayn at Day-O-Plantation in Montego Bay Jamaica. Thank you so much for having us guys!  Take a peek at their day. 

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7 thoughts on “KAMARIE & SHAYN

  1. Sis the photos are very beautiful and I still cry when I see your guys. Anyway Hope you have much more Pictures, because i want to see the ones your going to be putting up in the house. Absolute beautiful and the perfect match.

  2. Anthony words cannot describe the excellent job you did of sharing moments Shayn and I didn’t know we were having. Every time I look at these photos it brings back the feelings from that day. Thank you for capturing the essence of our day. I can truly say that we were truly blessed to have you as our photographer.
    We’ll be sure to use you on our 10 year anniversary in Jamaica, this time we’ll do it without rain…lolol
    Kamarie & Shayn

  3. Anthony you did such an excellent job of capturing moments that Shayn and I didn’t even know we were having. I really didn’t even think you would have gotten these great shots with the rain. Your photography is really a work of art which brings me back to our day every time I look at these photos.
    Thank you sincerely and we’ll see you at our 10 year anniversary celebration, next time without the rain

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