Torrington, Westmoreland, Jamaica. The Wedding of Rashel & Rodell

Its a Caribbean fusion of Nevis and Jamaica, with the colors blue and orange setting the tone for what was a vibrant tropical twist wedding at the Torrington Wesleyan Holiness Church, the home church of Rashel and the reception at the Caribbean Wesleyan College, where Rodell spent 4 significant years of his life in the said island of Jamaica.

He choose the scenic island of Jamaica, where his wedding was destined to unfold, to say his “I do”. Rashel no doubt would have agreed that Jamaica would have been the ideal choice for their wedding, one she will long remember.

It was an amazing day, thanks Rashel and Rodell for sharing your day with Fostex Weddings.


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  1. Golden Martini
    Yes I said, golden martini! This wedding was firey in the mouth and brought warmth your heart and soul while going down, just like a golden martini. Why you should consider Fostex Weddings.
    (1) They were on time
    (2) The team was so friendly you’d almost forget they were in the room.
    (3) Professionalism was overwhelming
    (4) They created the mode for an excellent story line
    (5) Creativity turnt
    (6) Having your own pass code to access your online gallery at anytime. Who could ask for more.
    They deliver…

  2. Love the weeding and now #Fostex has made it last forever in loving pictures. Love the bride and groom and May god bless them. Thanks once more to @Fostex for making this special day a day that can be relived as long as there is sight. You’ll be the man for the job at my big day. They are the best in the west. Literally.

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