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About Me

Hi there! My name is Anthony Foster, and I’m the founder and owner of Fostex Weddings. With over twenty(20)  years of experience both locally and internationally documenting couples’ most memorable moments among other things, I see photography in a very different way from most people. I like to think of the light from the sun as it travels through our universe at light speed, it takes approximately nine minutes to reach the earth; that means we are seeing the sun as it was nine minutes ago. That’s the closest we will ever get to going back in time. That’s why I love photography so much: it’s like a time machine, it allows me to stop time and freeze moments for centuries to come, wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, every time I make that exposure I’m not just creating an image, but that image represent a moment in time that will never change, and that’s powerful.


Even though weddings make up about eighty percent of my business, I do photograph other stuff like graduations, babies and portraiture. I might be at 13,000 ft in the Colorado Rockies photographing nature, or I might be 70 ft under the ocean photographing marine life, which is another world in our world. I bring all of that variety, creativity, experience and professionalism to your wedding, to preserve heartfelt moments with aesthetically beautiful images, skillfully created to tell your love story in a unique way that will last for a lifetime.


For me, those moments at your wedding are most important. For most people, this is a once in a lifetime event; it never happened before and it won’t happen again, so it must be treated as such. When I’m shooting a wedding, it’s not the same as when I’m having a leisurely nature walk with my camera; it’s fun, too, but serious fun, for want of a better word. Nobody will work harder in ensuring those moments are frozen and stored throughout your wedding day.


That is why the decision of choosing a photographer for your wedding is so important; with the inception of digital cameras we have more people taking pictures than we have photographers telling stories. I am not “old school” in any way, shape or form, but after shooting for over twenty years, I can confidently say I know both worlds.


I hope you enjoy your time on our site. Please click on this link http://fostexweddings.com/contact-us to secure your wedding date today, or call us 1876-817-6835. 

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